Project Partners

Thank you to the many partners, sponsors and donors who have made this project possible. 

Don't Buy It Collaborative Partners: Native Sisters Society, PAVSA, the Don't Buy It Duluth Men's Pilot Group (formerly Men Against Sex Trafficking), and the many survivors, advocates and community partners who are on the front lines working to address sexual exploitation every day. 

Don't Buy It Development & Creative Team: Men As Peacemakers, Comanche Fairbanks, Do Justice Consulting, SWIM Creative, and Ascend Consulting Solutions.

Don't Buy It PSA Team: Joel Sisson, Kathleen Murphy, Molly Katagiri, Yoshi Katagiri, Nicholas Christopulos, Nick Hillyard, Jonny Stuckmayer, Elise Joyce, Matt Muegge, Aleshia Mueller, Carrie Messina Carmello, April Hinrichs, Alyssa Schneider, Derrickus Spratlin, Pang Maggart, Melanie Blahnik, Sarah Storbakken and all of the fearless actors who volunteered their time and talent Lynda Dahl, Shawn Dunbar, Ethan Engberg, Dia Lee, Madelynn Pham, Eric Pierson, Kory Pullman, Rhiana Yazzie, Briana Graham, Victoria LaChelle, Walsh Carvalho, Lyz Jaakola and Teresa Kain. Thank you!   



Women’s Foundation of Minnesota

Women’s Foundation of Minnesota is the first and largest statewide women’s foundation in the country and holds a unique niche among Minnesota community foundations. Women’s Foundation of Minnesota has served as a catalyst for social change to achieve equality for all women and girls for many years. Their work to advance safety and security let to the formation of the MN Girls Are Not For Sale Fund. MAP receives funding through the MN Girls Are Not For Sale Fund for the advancement of anti-demand work engaging men, including the Don't Buy It Project. 

Mardag Foundation 

The Mardag Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations that improve the quality of life in Minnesota for children, seniors and other at-risk populations, and for programs in education and arts.

Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation

The Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation promotes private giving for the public good. By fostering generosity, civic engagement and inclusiveness, The Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation strives to be the leading force in regional philanthropy.



MN Department of Health

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) vision is for health equity in Minnesota, where all communities are thriving and all people have what they need to be healthy.


Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation