don't buy it project


Men As Peacemakers (MAP) is engaging every day men and people of all gender identities as active change agents to create a culture where the demand for commercial sex is nonexistent. Our recently developed Don’t Buy It Project includes a public awareness campaign and educational resources that move individuals, groups, and communities to a deeper understanding of the harm caused by sexual exploitation and empowers them to end the demand for commercial sex.


Don’t Buy It Project (DBIP) is a primary prevention strategy focused on reshaping mainstream culture by shifting the values, beliefs, and social norms that allow commercial sexual exploitation to thrive. DBIP includes strategic messaging, educational resources, and organizing focused on the conditions that make it acceptable for a majority of men to remain silent, if not actively participate in commercial sexual exploitation.

target population 

Don’t Buy It Project resources are applicable to a diverse range of people. Our primary target audience reflects the demographic most responsible for the buying and selling of commercial sex, which is men ages 18-60.


Don’t Buy It Project aims to decrease sexual violence and exploitation by engaging people of all gender identities to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase awareness among men about the prevalence of Commercial Sexual Exploitation in all of its forms.
  • Increase men’s understanding of Commercial Sexual Exploitation as a form of oppression.
  • Decrease social normalization of Commercial Sexual Exploitation, which is a primary prevention strategy to decrease the use of porn, strip clubs, and the purchase of sex.