Name *
I will not purchase sex. *
I commit to valuing the humanness in everyone.
I will not patronize strip clubs. *
Harming people should not be part of a bachelor party or guys night out. Encourage your peers to have fun in a way that does not degrade, objectify, or exploit anyone.
I will not consume pornography. *
Whether it is free or paid. Pornography feeds the demand for human bodies as a product and destroys healthy intimacy.
I will support organizations serving victims of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE). *
With my time, money, and resources.
I will support the leadership of survivors and people who advocate for people used in CSE. *
Their knowledge and experiences make them the experts in my community, and I will promote and follow their leadership.
I will take action in my community to end the demand for CSE. *
I will utilize and share resources from the Don't Buy It Project, and join community efforts to end CSE.
I will honor human equality in my daily actions. *
Inequality, objectification, degradation, and dehumanization paves the path for people to be treated as products.