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People are not products. Men are more than consumers. New initiative from @MAP_MN:#dontbuyitproject #idontbuyit

Men: Be part of the movement against Commercial Sexual Exploitation. Sign the #dontbuyitproject pledge from @MAP_MN

Learn why it’s important for more men to engage in the movement against Commercial Sexual Exploitation #dontbuyitproject


If you’re against Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) (sex trafficking, pornography or, any other exchange of sexual services for financial or material gain), don’t stay silent. Speak up about why you’re not buying it. Men As Peacemakers just launched a new campaign, the Don’t Buy It Project, to give men tools and resources to work against CSE. Check it out at


Men As Peacemakers has just launched the Don’t Buy It Project, a campaign designed to provide resources for men who want to take action against Commercial Sexual Exploitation and sex trafficking. Learn more and consider your role:

Commercial Sexual Exploitation isn’t normal or acceptable. I just signed the #dontbuyitproject pledge through Men As Peacemakers’ Don’t Buy It Project. You can too:

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This PSA from Men As Peacemakers’ new Don’t Buy It Project is a powerful look at the realities of Commercial Sexual Exploitation. Our culture may normalize the objectification and abuse of others, but #idontbuyit . Do you? #dontbuyitproject